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Hi! My name is Amanda, and I run Harbrow Creations, a graphic design and branding agency in Brisbane.

I help your business establish a striking visual brand identity through memorable graphic design. My work helps your brand stick in the minds of the people who matter the most. From designing new logos to creating exciting print collateral and everything in between, my Brisbane graphic design agency delivers designs that tell a story, reflect your values, and leave a lasting impression.

Let me take care of your visual branding so you and your target audience will be amazed by the results.


Effective brand design will help your branding stick in the minds of your target audience.

When people look at your logo, they will immediately form an idea about what your business stands for. When they see your branding splashed across a website, brochure, or outside your building, they will instantly know what you are about.

At Harbrow Creations, I take your business’ story, ideas, passions and mission, transforming them into something visual. I work closely with you to find a direction for your branding that best reflects your business’ visual identity. Using my expertise and eye for detail, I will take the necessary time, care, and energy to craft effective brand design from strategy to execution.

Branding has the power to change the way people view your business. Investing in branding through an experienced brand designer can give your business a brand-new lease on life.


At Harbrow Creations, I have had the pleasure of providing my graphic design services to a range of clients.

When a client comes to me for help with their branding design, I get the opportunity to help a fellow business strengthen their position in the market with a striking visual identity. These following examples show how much effort, passion, and energy I put into designing exciting branding material for my clients.


This Brisbane-based donut shop wanted to express their innovative take on baking on their brand collateral. I helped them create a delicious looking new digital menu that would get people’s stomachs rumbling just looking at it.


I helped this high-end whiskey and cocktail jazz bar match its branding with its trendy atmosphere with a modern facelift taking inspiration from timeless Scottish elements.

Brand Strategy

As a Brisbane graphic design agency, my mission is to create branding that is both visually appealing and strategically aligned to the values of your business. Any marketing strategy you have in place will factor into my design process. This way, you will get branding designs that match the tone, vision, and purpose of your business.

If you need a bit of assistance discovering the strategic direction of your branding, then fear not! I will sit down with you and work out an approach that we feel like meets the interests of your target audience. We want your new branding to catch their eye and make them take action. I have the expertise to make this happen by landing on the right colours, typeface, illustrations, and other important design elements that are best for your business.

Every design I create has a purpose, and your brand strategy is the guiding force I use to execute a visual identity for your business that achieves the desired results.

Why Harbrow Creations

I started Harbrow Creations as a graphic design agency in Brisbane to achieve my genuine desire to help businesses of all sizes represent themselves with meaningful graphic design services. I have always been passionate about combining creative and strategic thinking to craft designs that have a real impact on the future of my clients, and I love nothing more than transforming the visual branding of a client to something new and exciting.

If you choose Harbrow Creations, you are choosing the full suite of visual branding services from an experienced graphics design professional. Whether you need branding for a full website, social media account, physical marketing collateral, or simply a new logo, I go the extra mile to give you designs that people are going to remember.

I am always looking to innovate and experiment, and create designs that stand out from the crowd. I get excited by clients who want to/already have established a unique position in their market as this gives me the inspiration to make designs and branding material that matches their vision.


Rebrands, Brand Evolutions, and Brand Refreshes

Sometimes, your current branding may be starting to feel a little bit stale. Or perhaps it no longer accurately reflects where your business is currently at. Sometimes, a rebrand or brand refresh is the key to giving your business the breath of fresh air it has been looking for to connect with a wider audience of potential customers.

If your business has been thinking that it’s time for something a bit different, a bit new, a bit innovative, then I can create visual branding that takes your business into the future. Whether you want your rebrand to be small and incremental or a complete overhaul, I will treat your brand with care, attention to detail, and a strategic eye.


At Harbrow Creations, I have had the privilege of working for so many valued clients over the years. Here are some kind words that they have said about my branding work for them.

"I have worked closely with Amanda Harbrow for years now. She is seriously one of the best graphic designers in Australia. Her professionalism, reliability and ability to get into the mindset of her clients’ target audience is simply awesome.

I was originally impressed with her work on big brands like BCF and Harley Davidson, but I soon realised she brings the same level of passion and design expertise to every project, no matter what the size."

- Roxanne, Business Development Consultant. Grey and Grey


What is the difference between a logo and branding?

Branding incorporates all of the different tangible and intangible elements that represent a business. The logo is one of these elements. It is the main graphic used to represent the business and should be designed based on the overall branding direction of the company.

What is included in your branding packages?

My branding packages scale to how much visual branding material you require from me. If you only need a logo designed, then I will only design a logo. If you need specific branding materials created – such as banners, stickers, menus, brochures, posters etc – then I will include all of those in your package.

What makes a brand successful now, and into the future?

A successful brand is one that accurately captures the mission and purpose of your company, while being visually appealing and standing out amongst other businesses in your industry. It should show the value your business provides for its customers and demonstrate the core values of your business. A well-constructed, thoroughly-planned brand that effortlessly combines creative and strategic thinking should keep your business in good stead for years to come.

Why is branding important?

Without branding, there is no clear way for your customers to connect and engage with your business. Your business will remain unnoticeable and easily missed if you don’t have strong branding forming the foundation for any kind of visibility. If you want your business to be seen, to be recognised, and to connect with your target audience, then you need good branding.

What is brand identity?

Your brand identity is how your branding reflects the personality of your business. It takes the values and human elements of your business and transforms them into actual visual material.

Why is brand consistency important?

Without branding, there is no clear way for your customers to connect and engage with your business. Your business will remain unnoticeable and easily missed if you don’t have strong branding forming the foundation for any kind of visibility. If you want your business to be seen, to be recognised, and to connect with your target audience, then you need good branding.

What is brand equity?

Brand equity is the value that a brand holds with consumers just by itself. This is separate from the value of the company, service, or products which the brand represents. Businesses with really strong brand equity can bank on the recognition of that brand alone, while smaller businesses will need to build up their brand equity – usually within their local area.

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