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Harbrow Creations - A branding & graphic design studio

We empower you to level-up your business presence, with visually distinctive branding, website and marketing materials that: 

✓ Elevate your brand
✓ Increase brand awareness, and 
✓ Allow you to grow. 

Why choose Harbrow Creations?

Graphic design may be our first specialty, but business owners like you, come to us for our expert branding experience (a.k.a our knack for turning tired branding into distinctive design that gets you noticed).

✅ No cookie-cutter designs in sight

While cookies are delicious, cookie-cutter designs are forgettable. 

By marrying together creativity, strategy and out-of-the-box thinking, we make designs that are unique to your business and stick in the minds of those who see them. 

✅ Here for your future success

Like a member of your team, with less commitment.

As your local Graphic Design partner, you can work with us in the way that suits you. Whether we work together as a one-off or develop a long-term business relationship, we're committed to your success, now and into the future.

✅ Customer-centric branding that honours your vision and your values

Small business is all about connecting with your customers. Designs that sell are those that make a connection.

To know, like and trust your business, customers first need to understand the story behind it and connect with your vision and values. By taking the time to thoroughly understand this from the start, we will create a voice and tone that speaks to your customers and reflects your company values. #winningcombo

✅ Flexible design packages with no hidden surprises

No hidden fees or unnecessary additions on our watch! Walk away with the exact design elements that will best suit your business. 

Whether you need a full rebrand, or just a few design elements, we will work closely to create a custom design package that delivers exactly what you need. With projects delivered on time and on budget, we will always provide you with all agreed assets, so you never have to come back and pay for more files. And, we'll be honest with you - if we don’t think you need a full brand redesign - we’ll tell you. 

3 guiding principles behind Harbrow Creations


We believe transparency is the path to getting the very best work done. This means your thoughts and ideas for designs are critical in helping us to understand your vision - and we're also going to trust in our experience and keen eye for detail, to discover the perfect approach. We will always communicate clearly about the direction of your designs, and value any feedback you have for us.



We keep it simple and don’t overcomplicate the graphic design process.  Simply tell us your business story and how you want it represented, and voila - We work our magic to bring your designs to life.  We will make any revisions based on your feedback. Then, your designs are ready to go out into the world for everyone to see and enjoy. Simple as that!


Above all, we believe a successful graphic design project needs passion from both parties. One of our favourite parts of a design project is seeing your passion for your product or service shine through. In return, we lovingly create designs and branding material that reflect this passion and express it to all who see it. 

Designs that sell and marketing collateral that you can appreciate for years to come!

Amanda here - one of the main reasons I started Harbrow Creations was to support Brisbane’s small businesses to access the same impactful graphic design skills as the large corporate companies. 

Having had the opportunity to work with some remarkable brands, including Harley Davidson, BMW Motorcycles, BCF Australia and Brooklyn Donuts, I’m passionate about applying everything I’ve learned in the last decade to help your business succeed. After a decade working with award-winning marketing teams, I’ve learnt exactly how to step into the mindset of your target audience. I don’t just focus on pretty designs, I ensure the outcome is user-friendly, easy on the eyes and delivers your message in a simple but impactful way. 

Whether I’m designing for a restaurant, medical clinic, marketing agency, building supply  manufacturer, or any other industry, my favourite part is learning about your business vision so that I can bring it to life through your marketing collateral (like your brochures, catalogues and website). 

Aside from the corporate business-world stuff, I consider myself incredibly down-to-earth and ready to embrace whatever the world throws at me. And I'm not shy to share all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. After all, it takes years of practice and expertise to create graphic design solutions that can take companies to new heights. 

Meet Amanda Harbrow

Founder of Harbrow Creations, Graphic Designer by trade, LEGO lover & amateur food photographer by heart.

Amanda has always been intrigued with the way the human brain works, but more so, how it comprehends designs. Something as small as changing a font or a colour can have such a profound impact. She loves putting her problem-solving skills to the test, to make sure the imagery, tones and typography she uses are exactly what your target audience are looking for.


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