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Hey there, my name's Amanda!

I’ve always been intrigued with the way the human brain works, but more so, how it comprehends designs. Something as small as changing a font or a colour can have such a profound impact, and I love putting my problem-solving skills to the test to ensure the imagery, tones and typography I use is what the target audience is looking for. On more than one occasion, you will probably find me method acting as the target audience to ensure that my designs are tweaked to perfection.

Though, if I had to dial it down one reason why I love graphic design so much, it’s the ability to create endless logos, websites and brochures, but never feeling like you’re doing the same thing twice.


In fact, over my past work in business, I specialised in commercial advertising and branding.

A perfect match for graphic design and building visual branding kits if you ask me. Over my time in the workforce, I have had the opportunity to work with some great brands. Harley Davidson, BMW Motorcycles, BCF Australia and Brooklyn Donuts, to name a few. Though, no matter how big or small a brand I partner with is, my favourite part is learning to understand a business owner’s vision so I can bring it to life. 

But aside from the boring corporate stuff, I consider myself incredibly down-to-earth and ready to embrace whatever the world throws at me. And I'm not shy to share all of the knowledge I have gained over the years. After all, it takes years of practice and expertise to create branding solutions that can take companies to new heights. 


Some more quirky facts about me 🙈

  • I will eternally have a different favourite colour and font. They actually change every quarter or so.

  • I know nothing about fishing, but through my work with BCF, I have created many successful campaigns for it. (Maybe one day I’ll give it a go)...

  • I absolutely adore the creative world of Lego and The Sims

  • I am mortified of animals, even dogs (sorry folks)

  • I name all of my equipment, plants and just about anything that can be named

  • I’m not one for NRL, but I do watch three games a year… The Origin. I’ll still tell you I go for the Storm for conversation’s sake

  • I like my water at 30ºc and my coffee at 65ºc

  • If there is food photography or a pun involved, I am there

  • My role model is and always will be the Dowager. Or as many people know her, the grandma from Downtown Abbey


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