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At Harbrow Creations, we help businesses discover a visual representation of their brand that is exciting, eye-catching, and impactful.


Hi there! I am Amanda, a Brisbane graphic designer who creates striking designs for a range of businesses.

I started Harbrow Creations to help Brisbane businesses of all sizes represent themselves with graphic design and branding material that leaves an impact in the minds of their audience.

I have always loved the art of graphic design, and take a strategic and creative eye to how I can transform the values, mission, and purpose of a business into something visual.

I work closely with you to determine how my expertise can bring value to your designs. I want to know your story, your mission, and why you do what you do. From here, I will take the time, energy, and care to bring together design elements that accurately portray your business’ identity, while making sure my work will stand out in the minds of your target audience.


My favourite part of my job as a graphic designer is the short-term and long-term success that strong branding brings to business owners.

I have worked with countless companies to elevate their visual brand assets to help them stand out from the crowd and win more market share.

I take on all kinds of Brisbane graphic design jobs from businesses of all types and sizes.

From branding and logo design through to websites and marketing collateral, I can do it all. I work with new businesses wanting to kickstart their branding as well as established businesses looking for a visual refresh. Whatever you need, I am here to help.


Strong visual branding is what your target audience will connect with when they think of your business.

To really leave an impact, you need visual branding elements that are consistent, eye-catching, and an accurate reflection of the value your business promises its customers.

I take the time to discover what your business stands for, what your values are, and what strategic direction you want your brand to head in. Most of all, I put myself in the shoes of your audience to create visual branding that speaks to them.


I have always had a passion for graphic design work for Brisbane businesses.

It brings me a lot of joy to bring various design elements together that are considered, meaningful, and heighten the visual representation of my clients.

My Brisbane graphic design work is innovative, strategic, and unafraid to go outside the box. I create physical and digital designs that stand out from the crowd and make people take notice. From planning to execution, I always hold my work to a high standard that achieves results for your business.

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I am a Brisbane graphic designer with an extensive background in marketing and bringing companies to life, both digitally and physically.

With over a decade of experience and a flair for turning your visions into reality, I know that we can create some fantastic design solutions together.

Whatever reason made you land on my website, I know that we can design some business magic together. From the moment we get started, we will dive into your business goals and work on a strategy that will exceed your expectations.

Easy-peasy Brisbane Branding Journey

When you work with a graphic designer, you are putting your trust in someone's expertise to create an outstanding finished product. When you work with me, I go above and beyond your regular Australian graphic design work.

From strategy to execution, I will handle everything. I will use my graphic design knowledge to elevate your branding. Or, if you're just starting, I can help you establish a visual brand strategy that really kicks.

Plus, whether you want to work closely with me to create your finished product or you want to leave the magic in my hands, I am happy to accommodate. No matter how you operate, I will approach every design with an esteemed level of detail and good-intentioned care.


Graphic design is more than just making something that looks pretty.

It involves bringing together various different design elements that are cohesive with each other, work in many different forms, and have strategic intent behind every single decision. It sounds like a lot, and it is. But I am here to take the stress of graphic design off your shoulders. You can trust me to take the time and care to plan and create designs that effortlessly showcase your brand to the world.

I don’t create “cookie cutter” designs that people will forget 10 seconds after seeing them. My work delivers designs that are personalised, striking, and memorable.


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