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Malt Teaser

A High-End Inner-City Whisky and Cocktail Jazz Bar

When you’re looking to step away from life and enter a new world for a few hours; Malt Teaser has just what you need. 
Specialising in whisky, cocktails and the most premium meals you will ever eat, Malt Teaser is the high-end jazz bar everyone needs to visit once in their life. Just one step through the doors, and you will feel like you have gone back in time to Scotland when whisky and tartan dominated the streets. With an added touch of live jazz music to accompany your meal, it’s the perfect place to wind down after a long day or week. 
But, despite the atmosphere, Malt Teaser’s branding had fallen behind. So, after we finished admiring this venue, we leapt at the opportunity to get graphic designing. 

Targeting males and females from 30-50 years of age, we knew that the business branding package needed to appeal to those looking to add some luxury back into their lives.

We focused heavily on the brand’s passion for tradition and adoration for Scottish symbolism. But, we didn’t want it all to just be about the past. After all, this restaurant/bar serves some of the most modern cocktails and fine dining you will ever lay your eyes on. 
So, instead, we took the time to brainstorm some modern, engaging elements that would help people understand that this trendy venue isn’t old school.

The results?

Well. We took the time to merge the powerful traditional Scottish elements and whisky history into all graphic design materials. This is evident through the old stamp design, which was so often used to design whisky labels in the past. We also ensured to stay true to the brand’s Scottish heritage by implementing a rich, royal green colour, inspired by Scottish tartan. 

During my graphic design process, we used secondary colours of tawny brown and cream beige as compliments to the royal green. This helped everything flow seamlessly as there was no clash between colours. The harmony between these tones created a premium feel that represents timeless culture. 

Though we had the opportunity to add more depth to the logo, we decided to keep it stripped back. This overall look and feel creates a sense of exclusiveness and shows that Malt Teaser is where whisky and cocktail lovers can catch some quality quiet time after work or on the weekend. The logo design colour choices and elements give off the opposite energy to everyday local pubs, which often play live music and football. 

Just like its name, Malt Teaser is a mysterious bar that offers all the hard-to-find whiskies from around the world.

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