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How to create a timeless logo for your business

When working on logo design, you must focus on your brand's image, theme and message. Above this, however, you must consider how long your logo will 'live.' By this, we mean how long you can use your logo in the market before it becomes tired or needs a change.

Why is timelessness in a logo important, you may ask?

Aside from the obvious that logo design can be expensive, a timeless logo allows your brand to remain instantly recognisable for years to come, helping you to stay at the front of mind for your customers, even as your business grows and changes shape.

So, how do you create a timeless logo?

First and foremost, you must understand what your brand is trying to convey as well as what’s working in the market. Then, there are key elements to consider, including colour, shape, typography, text size, digital vs physical output, and whether you should do what's 'trendy' or not. Discover the full breakdown of how to nail your timeless logo design below.

Understand your brand

Before you start designing something to put out to your customers, you must deeply understand who you are as a brand. What values do you have? What is your mission? What would your brand look like if it were a person?

Research your industry

When researching your competitors, you may find commonalities in their logos, such as colour, typography or graphical elements. Likely, this is because those elements have proven to work in the market. Determine what you like and don't like from their logos, then make it your own.

Simplicity is key

Think of some of the most recognisable, timeless logos you can. Whether you're thinking of the golden arches, the Target logo or something else, one thing they have in common is simplicity. When designing your logo, remember that it doesn't need to tell a full story. It just needs to give your customers a glance into your brand.

Consider various mediums

From business cards to billboards, your logo may be used in various formats over its lifetime. Ensuring your logo remains visible in the largest and smallest contexts will guarantee you aren't returning to the drawing board.

Consider multiple shapes

Square logos are known to be highly versatile and adaptable in the digital world. Great for social media profiles, favicon and mobile apps, they can easily convert between contexts. However, squares may take up a lot of room on brochures and business cards. This is when landscapes layout comes in handy. With this in mind, consider having a secondary logo in an alternate shape to save you headaches moving forward.

Colour Psychology is critical

Selecting colours that resonate with your brand is important. But, are these colours also resonating with your target market's emotions? Using colour psychology can help evoke the response you intend to in your customers. To elaborate, blue subconsciously makes your brand feel more friendly, which is useful for service businesses.

Want to know more about the power of colour psychology? Check out our blog, which dives deeply into how each colour can influence customer thoughts, shopping patterns and behaviour.

Visibility is a must

From colour to typography, you must choose styles that will be visible in all formats. For example, vibrant colours are hard to reproduce on print. Alternatively, certain text may be too small to read on a business card.

Avoid Trends

Staying current is important. We get it. However, having overly trendy elements in your logo may become quickly outdated. Try to blend what's trending with what's proven to work for the best results.

Key Takeaways

A timeless logo saves you money, correct? But it also helps your business become more recognisable.

When designing a timeless logo, consider colour, font, typography, size, shape and format to guarantee that it can withstand the test of time.

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