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The Role of Graphic Design in Product Packaging that WOWs

Graphic design plays a big role in making product packaging that is unique, eye-catching and helps the products fly off store shelves.

Graphic design for product packaging is all about finding a design that will grab the attention of people as soon as they see it. You want people to stop and take notice of your product, yet this takes a lot of creative and strategic thinking to really make your packaging shine through. 

We are a specialist graphic design agency in Brisbane who love nothing more than helping businesses stand out from the crowd. We work hard to make sure packaging has that “wow factor” that sells it to consumers. Here are just some reasons why a graphic designer can make a huge difference in transforming your product packaging.

Amanda Harbrow designing packaging for a product

Packaging Helps Create a Strong Brand Image

Packaging design plays a crucial role in creating a strong brand image. Product packaging is more than just a way to hold and protect the product; it is an essential marketing tool that communicates the brand's identity and values.

Whether you already have a brand strategy or need help creating one, we have the skills to translate your brand’s aesthetics and visual identity into your packaging material. When your audience sees your packaging, they will immediately associate it with your products and the positive experiences they have enjoyed while consuming them. With a consistent thread across all of your branding touchpoints, you are more likely to build loyalty within your customer base moving forward.

It Creates Emotional Appeal with Consumers

Product packaging created by an experienced graphic design agency has the power to create an emotional appeal with consumers through visual appeal, branding and storytelling, sensory appeal, and sustainability. By leveraging these elements, brands can create packaging that connects with consumers on an emotional level, building brand loyalty and driving sales.

You want consumers to feel something when they see your product packaging – whether that’s joy, nostalgia, excitement, whimsy, or any other strong positive emotion. Eliciting these emotions will establish a sense of comfort and security with the consumer, ultimately building trust and loyalty between themselves and the brand. With the help of a professional graphic designer, you can draw on these emotions and create a meaningful connection between your branding and your audience.

We Understand the Key Elements of Product Packaging

When you partner with a professional Brisbane branding agency, like Harbrow Creations, you can have the confidence that your product packaging will touch on all the key design elements.

Some of these key elements include:

  •  Functionality: Packaging needs to be functional and protect the product during transportation and storage. It should also be easy to open, use, and dispose of.

  • Branding: Packaging is an opportunity to showcase a brand's identity and values. The packaging design should reflect the brand's personality and messaging, using consistent colours, fonts, and imagery.

  • Differentiation: Strong packaging should stand out on store shelves and differentiate the product from its competitors. The design should be eye-catching, memorable, and unique.

  • Information: The packaging should communicate important information about the product, such as ingredients, usage instructions, and product benefits. This information should be clear, concise, and easy to understand.

  • Adaptability: Packaging design should be adaptable to different product sizes and shapes, as well as different distribution channels, such as online or brick-and-mortar stores.

By incorporating these elements into their packaging design, brands can create packaging that not only protects and sells the product but also builds brand loyalty and drives sales. We tick each of these boxes and more when designing product packaging for my clients. As a professional graphic design agency, we will always be checking over every detail to make sure we are delivering the best possible designs for businesses.

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