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Thinking about Sticker Printing? Here's what you need to know.

With so many marketing messages out there, sometimes the most discreet marketing tools can be the most effective. In fact, more and more businesses are turning away from large billboards and TV commercials to adopt simpler marketing strategies. One of these includes using stickers on products and packaging, or as a tool for events and trade shows. 

But, if you’ve never engaged in sticker printing before, where do you start? With over hundreds of options to choose from, it’s normal that you might feel confused, which is why our good friends at OzStickerPrinting are here to help. 

Should you consider weatherproofing when choosing your sticker printing needs?

This is a question we get asked a lot as a graphic design agency. Our answer is that it relies heavily on what your stickers will be used for. If you are placing your custom stickers on your stock, such as on your food packaging, paper stickers would be our preferred choice. But, if you are hoping your clients use your stickers outdoors, such as on their cars as bumper stickers, you need to stick with a PVC-base sticker that can survive wet conditions. 

Whether we are using paper or PVC stickers, we always choose OzStickerPrinting for our job. They are an overseas-based agency that always turns around jobs quickly and at an affordable price. 

Should you choose sticker finishes that are short-term or long-term?

Do you need your stickers to remove easily? For example, price stickers on a book would need to be easy to remove. This will prevent the cover from ripping when the sticker peels off. It also won’t leave a residue behind, which can damage products and leave customers unhappy. 

Permanent sticker printing, however, shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s great when you need your sticker to remain adhesive. Examples of when you would require this would be for car decals, which need to withstand the test of time and harsh weather. 

If you are unsure when to use each type of sticker, especially when label printing, it’s best to check with a professional. This way, you can rest easy that your customers will always be satisfied. 

What base colour should you use for your sticker printing?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the base colour for your sticker printing. It might seem simple at first, but here are some simple tips.

If you choose opaque white-based stickers for your label printing, this will enhance the colours and give your stickers a vibrant hue. This is perfect for grabbing the attention of people from metres away. 

Whereas, you would choose clear vinyl stickers when you need a clear, waterproof solution. They are great for creating a high-quality finish. For this reason, they’re often used on liquid bottles, including perfume bottles and cosmetic products. You should check with your designer if you are using white ink on clear stickers. This will ensure they can offer extra ink coverage to guarantee your sticker is always legible, even when the liquid is finished.

Metallic sticker types are often used for warranty labels or cosmetic packaging. They can provide a holographic finish, which adds a level of luxury or fun to a brand.

You must consider how you are going to apply your sticker

Here’s where it can get a bit more complicated. But, we promise this is an easy concept to get your head around. 

Most stickers are applied by hand. So you need to choose a cut that will be easiest for you. At first, kiss-cut and die-cut stickers may seem the same. But kiss-cut stickers are slightly easier to peel off from the sheet, especially if your stickers are different shapes to the standard circle, square and triangle. If you use standard cuts, we recommend using die-cut options as they are more budget-friendly. 

An example of die cut (left) v.s. kiss cut (right) stickers
An example of die cut (left) v.s. kiss cut (right) stickers

What about vinyl lettering and decals?

Just like regular stickers, there are many variations in grades for vinyl too. You must determine the above factors, including how long you want it to stay stuck. You must also consider the weather if you will stick these up outside. 

As always, be sure to check with your designer or an expert to make sure you choose the right stock. 

Ready to get started on your sticker printing? Whether you have a design idea ready or you are drawing up concepts, we are more than happy to help. Contact us to get started with our custom graphic design solutions today. 


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