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Wild Goat Entertainment

This Sunshine-Coast-based production company offers only the best-quality authentic entertainment for live music lovers.

A great live music experience relies on much more than the band playing. From an epic venue to the best acoustics in town, every little aspect contributes to creating a space that provides only the highest-quality events. 

Wild Goat Entertainment (formally Melly Melody Entertainment) has mastered the art of creating bespoke events that leave an impact unlike any other. From music concerts to theatre shows, events and weddings, they can be trusted to create memorable occasions that guests will be talking about for years to come. 

Rebranding from Melly Melody Entertainment, the brand direction had changed. So, Mel, the owner, and the team needed something that could truly capture what Wild Goat was setting out to accomplish. 

Wild Goat Entertainment needed a new logo design and branding package so they could attract the right customers.

After speaking to Mel, we learned about her ideal audience. She wanted to attract mature males and females that loved live music events. But most of all, she wanted to attract those who appreciate the art that goes into creating a fantastic live music event. 

We knew that we needed to communicate this with a high-quality graphic design. After all, the right logo and branding could go a long way.

So, we got started with a logo design unlike any other.

To us, Wild Goat was a space where people could let their hair down for a night of celebration and fun. But it was more than a place for people who loved music. It was also a location where performers could share their music with fans and supporters. We created the goat as both of these people; I saw him as a free spirit of sorts. 

In the logo, the ledge he stands on represents the stage many other performers have stood on in the past. His hair, blowing in the wind of the mountain in the dark night, captures his essence of freedom as he plays his music to others. 

But we wanted to achieve more than just capturing the music environment in the design.

Those at Wild Goat Entertainment are some of the best at what they do. We wanted to show this without taking away from their edgy side. So, we used a slightly rough font in the logo design to demonstrate what the company is all about; sophisticated ruggedness. We paired this logo design with a sandy colour palette to match the iconic Queensland Shipwreck, which is so iconic in the business's Sunshine Coast location.

When adding the finishing touches to this graphic design package, we chose a premium foil finish. This contrasted the ruggedness perfectly to show that Wild Goat Entertainment is equal parts a place to let your hair down and a place to catch some of the highest-quality music events in Queensland. 

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