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The Ridge Restaurant Collie WA

In the world of design and marketing, there’s nothing more important than getting your rebrand *right.*

Think of your business as an Olympic-level gymnast (super talented, obviously) and your rebrand is the perfect landing you’re aiming for. You can do all the right moves, twists, turns and ribbon-twirling to impress the crowd, but none of this will matter if you don’t nail the landing.

Successfully pulling off a gold-medal-worthy rebrand requires time, communication, research and laser-like focus - all things that we take very seriously at Harbrow Creations.


🧭 How it started

With a clear and concise brief from The Ridge’s incredible restaurant manager, Giulia, we were able to capture her unique vision before starting on a journey to ‘get to know’ the restaurant’s hometown of Collie, Western Australia. The native, rugged landscape and vibrant palettes that we discovered provided endless inspiration during the sketching and design process.


🧐 How it’s going:

A new and original logo which echoes the values and vision of The Ridge: modernity, elegance and natural beauty.

Our highlights:

✅ A hand-drawn icon to add an organic feel

✅ Keeping clean, minimal lines to maintain a modern and elegant silhouette

✅ The ridge icon’s rich, natural colouring; exuding elegance whilst staying true to the wild beauty of Collie’s stunning landscape


A massive thank you to The Ridge for giving us the opportunity to join you on your rebranding journey. Between your passion for incredible food and our passion for all things design and branding, we reckon we nailed this landing 🥇

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