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Sandcastles Mooloolaba

Refresh or rebrand? 🤔

In this project, Sandcastles undertook a brand refresh which was prompted by a desire to reflect their updated facilities and property décor. It was important to keep existing elements that spoke to their current, loyal customer base, whilst incorporating fresh features to attract new holiday makers.


There is no set rule book on when to undertake a rebranding. It could be as simple as a “feeling” you have. Perhaps you need to stand out from new competitors or you’re the new ownership of an existing business.


Always remember that your branding is the first communication you have with your customers, either existing or potential.

Why the right branding is important:

📌 It speaks louder than words
📌 It builds an emotional connection with your customers
📌 You will stand out from the pack
📌 It’s an investment that increases your company value

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