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Fancy Lashes

From your everyday salon to a high-end boutique…

When founded, Fancy Lashes was a private beauty salon that offered custom lash extensions and brow sculpting services. Focused on delivering the highest quality standards of customer service and product quality. The founder, Bahar, knew that her service outshone many of her competitors. It was her promise of quality and personal one on one service that helped her brand stand out. 

Though she drew many clients to her inner-city Brisbane shop, as time ticked away, one thing that always bothered Bahar was their branding.

In the past, the logo and collateral design had seemed perfect. However, as the business had taken shape, the design didn’t showcase the level of quality and consistency that she promised.

After a few meetings with Bahar, we had discovered that the core problem was her logo. Rather than beaming with luxury, elegance and perfection, the current logo felt outdated and gave off a ‘cheap’ look. With a clear direction of what needed to be done, we took to the drawing board to create a modern, lux and simple design that would show Fancy Lashes as the classy brand it had become.

Creative Decisions

When taking on this task, we decided to completely change what Fancy Lashes had already established. Using a classic, timeless icon, we showcased how Fancy Lashes has become a frontrunner for providing the best quality lashes in Brisbane. This design also demonstrates Bahar’s love of quality, sleekness and perfection.


The new design even has some hidden meaning to it.

The circle itself represents an eye. The ‘Fancy Lashes’ lettering on the top and bottom then act as the eyes’ top and bottom lashes. Creating this connection to the brand’s roots was by far one of our favourite parts of this project. 

Through it all, we decided to keep the gold colouring. This soft, modern, yet daring design is now perfect for targeting 16-35-year-old females, who are Bahar’s ideal clients. 

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