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Nomads Eatery

Powered by grit, determination and a whole lot of passion for good, nourishing food.

Dylan Kaye - the founder of Nomads Eatery has been passionate about eating well and staying fit for as long as he can remember. However, for the longest time, he noticed there was a gap in the market when it came to finding healthy food that was convenient, affordable and accessible. 

Founded in 2020, Nomads Eatery was born from Dylan’s belief that this food should be easier for all Australians to access.

Before long, Dylan approached us, seeking a poster design for his shopfront. After some meetings and conversations, we realised that the brand wasn't reaching a portion of its target customers. From there, we knew we needed to devise a plan to attract more health-conscious Australians looking for accessible healthy foods.

Revisiting Nomads’ brand values, we discovered that some branding elements could be tweaked to suit the target market. After 6 months of hard work, we re-launched the Nomads Eatery 2.0 to the Australian market in August 2021. This began with logo re-design and soon evolved into loyalty card creation, in-store signage, social media refresh and a complete website rebuild with an integrated online ordering system.


The logo re-fresh

When we embarked on this journey together, we wanted to uphold the Nomads’ signature lime green. And that’s exactly what we did. Working around this scheme, we upgraded the brand to have a clearer, stronger image in the market.

Our proudest moment during this rebrand was the logo redesign, which now features a hand icon. This icon represents the care and attention that every patron will receive once visiting Nomads. It is a true testament to the level of quality service they promise all of their visitors.

So, did all of this hard work pay off? Well, these are the words from the owner himself:

“Harbrow Creations have helped build and grow my brand. They are excellent! Really great attention to detail, and they seemed to understand exactly what I wanted - which saves multiple changes and extra expenses! Definitely highly recommended!”
- Dylan Kaye, Founder, Nomads Eatery

We’d like to extend a warm thank you to Dylan for giving us the opportunity to partner with him on this project. We loved learning about your business and seeing how passionate you were about making health more accessible to all Australians. 

We know we nailed your brief, and we can’t wait to see what newfound success this continues to bring to you. 

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