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Brooklyn Donuts & Coffee Co

Drool-worthy New-York style donuts needed extra oozing through high-quality graphic design 🤤

Born in Chermside, Brisbane, in 2019, Brooklyn Donuts & Coffee Co specialises in authentic New York-style donuts, speciality coffee and Belgian Mochas. 

How it started 🚀

When Dennis, the co-founder, first introduced us to the Brooklyn Donuts range, we were in awe. These donuts were unlike anything we had seen before, and we couldn’t resist having more than one. Trust me when we say; they were even more delicious than we expected them to be. After we finished drooling over the donuts, we got straight to work. Dennis was seeking help with his marketing collateral and how to transform his fantastic imagery into high-value graphic designs. He knew that with the right designs, he could share the Brooklyn Donuts love with the community.


Digital Menu 🍩

We knew we had to do something out-of-the-box for Brooklyn Donuts. They were so far ahead in the dounut-producing world that we had to bring their innovation to life through their graphic creations. Rather than producing ordinary menu designs, we completed a series of digital POS displays which show the best-selling ranges. These digital displays would be designed to rotate in a busy shopping centre. So, we knew each slide had less than 10 seconds to make an impression on passer buyers. 

We took our valuable graphic design skills to create an impactful, simple image that could have people saying ‘yum,’ even at a glance. Focusing on consistency and simplicity, we achieved a format that was eye-catching easy to read and irresistible. 


The Hot Chocolate campaign 🍫

Everyone loves hot chocolate. But how about hot chocolate where you can choose your level of chocolatey goodness? 

While working with the team, we wanted to bring the Brooklyn Donuts Belgian hot chocolate superiority to life. The message was complicated as we had to showcase this incredible product, which not enough people seemed to know about. Our mission was to represent the four delectable drinks; white chocolate, milk chocolate and x2 dark chocolate options. 

We tackled this whole project top to bottom. We started by directing a top-tier food photography photoshoot. We wanted the photos to speak for themselves, so customers could almost taste how delicious the product was without trying it for themselves. We then partnered up with our trusted trade printer to create various premium pull-up banners, counter signs and A-frame designs. 

During the entire Brooklyn Donuts project, we had a wonderful time turning one of our favourite foods into practical graphic designs. 


“The Hot Chocolate POS have been a great success! We've seen a huge increase in sales compared to previous periods.”
- Ashton, Multi-Site Manager

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