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What landing pages are suitable for non-profits?

Landing pages are a fantastic tool for not-for-profits, especially those with certain goals in mind, such as raising awareness and increasing donations. If you're not sure of where to start on your landing page journey, however, it can be confusing.

That's why we've broken down some of the best landing page ideas and graphic design techniques for not-for-profits below.

Story-telling and case studies

Landing pages that share real stories help customers connect emotionally. They are a great way to show proven evidence that the work you are doing is benefitting the environment, other people, animals, or something else. Leading with a story-telling landing page can form relationships with your potential customers or volunteers. It's also a strategic way to encourage them to take a desired action, such as donating.

Event Pages

If you are hosting an event, such as a fundraiser, having a page dedicated to this is key. Not only can it help you be more easily discoverable on Google, but it can also guarantee that your potential attendees are receiving all the information they need before submitting an RSVP.

Be sure to include details like the purpose of the event, date and how to register.

Donation Page

A donation page is as simple as it sounds. It's a page to encourage people to donate to your cause. Showcasing how their donations will support your cause can pull on the heartstrings and help generate larger donations.

Remember, taking donations online is not so different from an e-commerce website. The more seamless the experience and the more secure the website, the more likely people are to complete their transactions.

Become a volunteer page

Inviting others to join your journey is an alternative way that people can help your business. It is better suited to those who may not have the funds to donate but still want to make a change with you. Volunteer expression of interest pages should feature plenty of images with smiles, team images and stats that showcase your impact.

Proving that you are doing something great for the world will, in turn, make potential volunteers all the more likely to join your cause.

An About Us Page

Some of your pages may already touch on this, but having a dedicated about us page can allow your community to comprehend the 'why' and 'who' behind your journey. It helps to put faces to names, which can make your business more relatable, especially if you're looking to recruit more volunteers.

About The Sponsors Page

If you have sponsors or organisations that support your business, showcasing them on your website can build credibility and demonstrate that your business is not on this mission alone. Providing links to your sponsor's websites is also a good tool for improving relationships with your sponsor network.

Design Considerations

Aside from just having these pages on your website, they need to be well-designed. A graphic designer can help you ensure that all elements are purposeful and meaningful.

If you are attempting the website's design on your own, some considerations to make include:

Mobile Friendliness
Is your website as responsive on a phone as it is on a computer? Can everything still be read on a phone? Is the text big enough? Are the colours visible? Remember, not everyone will access your website from a desktop!

Seamless Experience
Does your website tell a story? If a person wants to become a volunteer, is this easy for them to achieve? Does the website run without freezing and timing out? Is it easy for customers to navigate to their desired webpage?

Visually appealing
Are there plenty of faces and pictures on your website? These help to showcase the work that is being done, but also make your journey feel easier to connect with. Do the pictures tell a story? Remember, not everyone will read the copy.

Big Numbers
Infographics and numbers are a great visual representation that shows the impact your not-for-profit is having on the world. The bigger the number, the more likely people are to trust in your mission and its results.

Clear buttons
Are your call to action clear and easy to access? Do they point to the right links? Rather than saving your call to action for the bottom of your web page, scatter them throughout. This means that people who don't make it to the bottom still have a chance to take action.

A Friendly Tone
While technically not a design element, the tone of your copy can impact how your website is perceived. Remember to stay friendly. Fear-mongering is not the solution to receiving donations and support.

What is the bottom line?

The website you develop and design for your not-for-profit can largely impact the support you receive from your potential volunteers and donors. While it may seem faster and easier to whip something up quickly, consulting with a graphic designer and doing your research is always key. Remember to include pages such as a donation page, volunteer page, about us page and event page to ensure you invoke the response you are looking for within your community.

Beyond this, considering if every graphical element on your website has been thoughtfully planned and placed will guarantee your not-for-profit landing pages shine.


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