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You need to ask yourself these six questions before you invest in rebranding

Rebranding is a great way to give your business a breath of fresh air. If you’re in need of a new beginning, or your brand just isn’t resonating with your customers, rebranding is the way to go. However, as Brisbane-based graphic designers, we can tell you that rebranding is not something to take lightly. While it presents many opportunities, it is also a long and costly process that needs to be carefully thought out to pay off correctly.

Fortunately, if you are considering the avenue of rebranding, there are many things you can do to determine if this is the right choice for you. They include:

What are the limitations of your current branding?

If you are considering rebranding, there must be something with your branding giving you the ick. As an Australian graphic designer, here's what branding challenges we most commonly see businesses struggling with:

  • Taking too long to design social media posts and collateral

  • Feeling like your print media always looks different and disjointed

  • Lacking consistency between your marketing collateral

  • Finding that customers aren't connecting with your brand and marketing materials

Do you now have a clearer understanding of your target audience?

The picture of your target audience may have changed from when you opened it to where you are now. If you have a clearer understanding of the people consuming your brand the most, you may realise that you need to change your marketing designs to better connect with them. A graphic designer, like the Harbrow Creations team, can help ensure you appeal better to your specific target market.

What is your budget, and what are your most urgent requirements?

As mentioned, rebranding is expensive. If you are a small business on a budget. it's important to remember that you may not have the funds to rebrand everything. Be clear with your graphic designer about which parts of your branding need the most imminent attention. Is it your logo? Or is it your colour scheme or your social media templates? From there, you will be met with a range of pricing options, which can help you choose the best solution for your business.

How many revisions and file formats are you expecting?

The budget for a graphic design project can be heavily influenced by the amount of revisions you are after. So, asking what you will receive, plus the file formats you will get them in can prevent bill shock when you ask for something outside of scope down the track. We recommend researching your graphic designer before you begin, too. This can help to determine if you like their design style, which can limit the amount of revisions you will likely need.

Where do you want this rebranding to feature?

In the digital era, not all graphic design is limited to paper. This means you need to consider the technology and software your designs may feature in. Some of these may include on social media, on digital letterheads and even on TV. Letting your designer know how your branding will be used can guarantee that the correct formats and tools are utilised. This will save significant time and energy in the future.

Are you aware of legal and copyright issues?

If you are planning on trademarking your logo during your rebrand, you must check with your designer if the graphics and fonts used in your design are suited for commercial use. Acknowledging this before your design commences can save you time and money in revisions.

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